Work, study and volunteer around the world

Working, interning, studying and volunteering abroad is a great way to travel; we love nothing more than getting to know a new language, culture or environment and we've always believed in giving a little something back. For us, this is what travel is all about and we have hundreds of opportunities for you to work, intern and volunteer abroad on your summer vacation or year out.

Why Work Abroad?

Why not? Jobs will vary depending on where in the world you end up, but working in a different culture and environment is always going to be exciting. Working and studying abroad allows you to experience a country as a local, not just seeing the tourist sites but actually living the culture. Earn money to fund your travels, making your trip last even longer! Not only that, but working abroad looks great on your résumé and gives you something to talk about in those job interviews back at home.

Intern in Britain From $875

London is famous for it’s history, red buses, Buckingham and Kensington palaces, fabulous theatre productions and a huge diversity of culture. A global internships are often regarded as the best way to maximise your employability and to bridge the gap between studying and the working world. Set yourself apart in today’s job market by gaining work experience to show employers you are driven, cultured and can work e­ffectively in an overseas environment.

Work in Ireland From $460

You may know people who claim to be Irish, but have they actually lived there? Live and work in the 'Emerald Isle' with our work in Ireland programs. With us, you can experience the unique Irish culture as a local; get to know the lively city of Dublin, drink pints of Guinness or breathe in the fresh air in Ireland's stunning countryside.

Work in Australia From $429

No extra points for knowing why Australia is one of the most popular countries to choose to work and travel in. Take the ultimate trip 'down under' with a one year working holiday visa or one of our great work programs. We can also offer the best advice on extending your Australia working visa to two years!

Work in New Zealand From $659

From the giant sand dunes of Ninety Mile Beach to the ice-capped peaks and glaciers of the Southern Alps, New Zealand is a country that will never cease to amaze you. You can nab all sorts of jobs, from ski instructor to kiwi harvester, so get your New Zealand working holiday visa and start living the dream!

More work abroad opportunities with SY Travel Uganda

If the thought of volunteering in remote parts of Central America, teaching children English in Nepal, becoming a snowboard instructor in New Zealand, or caring for orphaned elephants in Thailand is more your style than the 9-5 in inner-city London, then check out our other types of work abroad programme below. We can make it happen for you!

Volunteering Projects From $750

Our volunteering projects allow you to volunteer for a week or a month, depending on your time constraints and you can do anything from marine conservation in Mexico, to teaching children in the depths of Nepal, Africa, or Brazil. Take a look at our rewarding projects by clicking below, or speak to a Travel Expert to help you decide which project is best for you.

Study abroad

Spend a semster abroad, learn a new language or pick up a new skill using a different point of view and, sometimes, a different style of teaching. Plus, you'll make new friends and get to know a country as a resident, not just a visitor. Europe is the most popular destination for our Study Abroad students, but you may want to go further...

What is needed to work abroad?

The essential ingredients for your work abroad experience heavily depend on what you want to do, and where you're going. First of all, you'll need to organise the correct visa. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand allow US citizens to apply for a Working Holiday Visa online which allows you to fly in and find any work you want - easy! The United Kingdom requires you to have found work with an employer who will issue you a Certificate of Sponsorship, in order to be granted a work permit... which is where we can help!

The next step is finding somewhere to live. If you're moving to a new country to work, the best idea is to spend a month or so in a hostel until you find the right place. Many of our work, study, teaching and volunteering programmes however, include accommodation, so you'll be able to bed down from day one with a friendly host family, or other likeminded students and volunteers.

It also pays to do research to make sure that the qualfication requirements for your line of work are the same in your destination country as they are in the USA.