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About Us

Our partner STA Travel is the world's largest travel company for Students, Youth and Teachers. Student and Youth Travel is recognised as a global brand in particular by its target customers (Students, Youth and Teachers) and was acquired in 2004 as a franchise by Let's Go Travel Uganda.

Student and Youth Travel Beats Any Price!

Everyday we are working with our partners around the globe to get you (students, Teachers and Youth and for Students some airlines allow up to 99yrs) the cheapest, most flexible airfares and top-rated affordable accommodations.

With a global distribution network, STA Travel-Student and Youth Travel is today the largest specialist in the student, youth and teacher sector. Student and Youth Travel's success rests on three pillars: a high profile in target markets, employees who provide peer-to-peer advice to customers and a product range that matches the price/performance expectations of its customers.

Student and Youth Travel Uganda Offers

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Our Core Services



Not sure where to go? Our expert consultants will give you ideas & inspiration to plan the perfect short break or round the world trip of a lifetime.


We sell tickets for over 100 Airlines, ranging from groups to handling individual students who study abroad and those who travel privately.


From the bare basics to the available, the luxe to the totally off the wall, get up to 50% off hotels around the world. Pick a destination and get some free nights!
ISIC Cards Uganda


Everybody loves a discount. With ISIC you can get discounts from places all over the world if you're a student, youth under 31 or a teacher.
Flight Insurance


We have developed insurance products with international partners who cater specifically for our market with a range of specialist products.
Work student travel


Our Work & Study packages is a new product which will be very beneficial to students who have completed "A-Level" and University.


With a reputation for outstanding service and very competitive prices, we deliver what you need most — customised itineraries, reliability and excellent value.
  • We listen to our clients
  • Our service is beyond expectation
  • Our ablility to deliver flexible and personal customised solutions to students, youth and teachers
  • A highly experienced staff
  • Personalised attention to every client
  • Customised itineraries
  • Competitive prices
  • On-time response to enquiries
  • Pre-tour briefing and comprehensive itinerary and travel documents
  • Assistance with special dietary requirements for students, youth and teachers.